Beauty in the eyes of the Bostonian…

There was no fairy god mother. No magic wand. No spicy pumpkin or twinkling glass slippers. Yet it spurned into one enchanting tale as The SYNERGY Events team transported three of Boston's finest salons to Church Restaurant & Lounge to wave their make-up brushes on six everyday ladies transforming them into ravaging beauty queens. It was a beauty make-over event that would have made even Cinderella pause for breath, to say the least. The makeover team included three of Boston's finest salons -- Beaucage Salon & Spa, Athena Salon & Spa and Salon Acote.

This chic event was a culmination of an exciting and intense on-site makeover contest; a free makeup tips session with the guests by the participating salons, cocktails, complementary gift bags and live entertainment. A dynamic environment was created for young, trendy Boston socialites to come together to explore fashion, art, music and network with like-minded fashion forward socialites.

Attendees were handed little goodie bags of make-up treats and shown beauty advice on how to use the right color palettes and tools to freshen up and brighten their summer looks. The party fizzled as the crowd was given a royal Pearl Vodka reception. Guests were fashionably attired in glamorous red evening dresses and glided around the room enjoying the music in each other's presence and spreading laughter around the room. Ramiro on air-personality from Jamin 94.5 came out for the night and a portion of the proceeds went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Sponsors: Avon, Aveda, Salon Acote, Beaucage Salon & Spa, Venni Caprice (clothing designer for the six ladies), TrimWater and Pearl Vodka.

Watch the video by BostonNightLife.TV